Maplewood Crossings

Maplewood Crossings
Maplewood Crossings, 92 Burnett Avenue Maplewood NJ

Went on a stroll through the park on first warm day of the season recently and came across this quaint garden style community nestled behind a children’s park. The property is Maplewood Crossings, managed by Elite Properties. Garden Style apartment complexes are typical to most areas of New Jersey (and the US, outside of major metropolitan areas like New York City). This particular property had amazing curb appeal and was tucked away in a quiet block of Maplewood.

To my delight, I also found that the property participated in an affordable housing program where applicants at 40, 50 and 60% of the area median income could qualify for rents as low as $328 to $986 for the largest units. Considering that the smallest market rate 1 Bedroom apartment was $1600, this would be a deal for a family who could qualify to meet the paltry maximum income requirements.

And you know how you can tell you are in a quality township? Well maintained public bathrooms, one that I was pleased to find right in the park. Great use of your township tax dollars!



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