Union Theatre

Aviary Photo_130467305224135510
Theatre for sale by Exit Realty

Union Theatre is at the center of Union township, NJ. At the border of Morris and Stuyvesant Avenues, this location is a major retail and business hub of the Union area. On a busy Saturday afternoon, you would normally see a crowd of people waiting to see an afternoon show, with plenty of nearby bakeries, restaurants, hair salons and stores to fill in the time as you wait. Unfortunately, the theatre was not profitable or in my opinion poorly managed, and so the owners have put the property up for sale. I  had to do a post on this property, its 14,000SF of prime space, seemingly an amazing development opportunity. I’m reaching out to the brokers for more info, and I’ll post an update on my thoughts on the highest and best use of the site.

It was also perfect timing having come across this theatre, as I happen to be wearing vintage from head to toe. Enjoy the pics!

Aviary Photo_130467306048530881
Union Theaters, 990 Stuyvesant Avenue Union NJ.




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