Harrison & The Red Bulls Stadium

Aviary Photo_130479211238204569
Red Bulls Stadium

The Red Bulls are the Major League Soccer team for the NY tri-state area. The stadium is a short ride on the PATH to the Harrison train station, and I would encourage you to make a trip to see one of the games, the tickets start at $25!!

Frank E Rodgers Blvd, Harrison NJ

Separately, the township of Harrison has really been focused over the past several years on building around this area, which was previously an old industrial park. After developing the NY Red Bulls arena in 2010, the Harrison redevelopment team has been holding out for upside on the economic recovery, but I was pleased to see yet another residential & retail site coming up rapidly on a nearby lot less than a block from the stadium.

With FIFA World cup this year, it is possible we are seeing the mainstream acceptance of Soccer as a major US sport? The success of the Red Bulls franchise will inevitably mean the success of the new sprouting businesses in the area. I will be keeping an eye on the progress of this site, and hope to report later this year on the retail and residential landscape.


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  1. Again this is great! I absolutely love your picture (oh no where is the hat?) You look very attractive in the hats!  Thumbs up and keep it up!  :o) Bizous!


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