Sake Bomb, Woodbridge

Italian headscarf and Chinese Buffet. Thank you Woodbridge.
Italian headscarf and Chinese Buffet. Sake Bomb Restaurant.

If you’ve ever driven through Route 1, Route 9 or Route 35 in Jersey, you’ve probably seen the retail strips lined along the road. Home improvement stores, lots of fast food, liquor stores, department stores, local retail chains, diners and the occasional Chinese buffet. I was invited to this location–and since still feeling inspired from my trip to Dubai, I created a makeshift turban from my Versace scarf and headed over. It makes sense why most of these buffets are along retail strips on the highway; hundreds of thousands of cars each day pass by, providing high visibility to businesses AND the rents are arguably more favorable than being in a large mall complex, like the Woodbridge Center Mall.

Route 1
Route 1, Woodbridge

Rents range from $15.00 to $25.00 Per Square Foot (annually) on this Route 1 hub. By comparison, retail rents in lower Manhattan can be over $300 PSF!



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