Month: August 2014

Top Real Estate Websites and Blogs

Industry publications help any professional stay on top of what is happening in their field, so its important to me that I’m not only getting frequent industry news, but that my sources are diverse and represent more than just what is happening in my city.ย  I like to see my surroundings in a global context, and I hope this list helps you find the knowledge you need to pursue your real estate goals:

The Atlantic’s City Lab- Housing

This is probably one of my favorite new finds for housing, property, policy, community and infrastructure news. Their point of view is interesting and fresh, its logical and they often contrast with what is happening in other parts of the world.

New York (Jersey City/Newark) Yimby

This blog is great because it covers 2 areas that are grossly overlooked by some nyc real estate snobs–Jersey City, Newark and our northern borough The Bronx.ย  While its mostly development watch, its a great resource if you are a local investor looking for neighborhood trends or you are simply a renter or buyer looking for a decent neighborhood with good real estate promise.

The Real Deal

The Real Deal is a very popular site and they certainly don’t need my endorsement, but I must say they have a deep reach within the industry and often report some of the juiciest real estate drama unfolding in the NY area.

Real Estate Weekly
Includes reporting specific to property managers, something that you can’t find for free unless you join an industry association like IREM (Institute of Real Estate Managers).

Crain’s New York Business

Complete economic coverage including news about local politics as well as trends in food & beverage industry, technology, finance and how it all relates to Real Estate. They also have a Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland version of the publication.

New York Observer, Real Estate

I like their quirky articles that focus on interesting owners, culture, and neighborhood highlights.

World Property Channel

Whenever I travel internationally, I always have my eyes peeled for the real estate trends of that region. This site is a great place for real estate news on Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Asia.

Hospitality Net

Hotel acquisitions, development and re-flagging deals are a big part of the real estate pie, especially in popular international destinations. This site compiles hospitality news from all over the net and looks at the people, the suppliers and hotel performance metrics from all over the world.



The Business of Summer

Long Branch, Jersey Shore

Seasonal Properties

Most seasonal businesses know you have to be resilient and aggressive for your part-time business, which is why its no surprise that many of the beach properties along the shore are impeccably kept and maintained.


This particular area of the beach included a number of multi-family rental buildings, privateย  homes and large front yards used for beach parking. And on this less crowded strip, beach side parking revenue is easily $1,000/day.

This week, I’d like to learn how the multi-family rental buildings on the beach operate. Can you do a month-to-month summer rental as opposed to an annual contract? Is there any regulation on the rents that can be charged? Do they maintain their occupancy rates throughout the year? How do lenders look at this type of asset if you were a buyer or investor?