ROI on Fashion

So these past weeks, it’s become increasingly difficult for me to focus on highlighting properties for the blog, because 100% of my spare time is being dedicated to the two real estate valuation classes I am completing at Baruch this semester. However, I had an opportunity to snap some photos today (a much less time consuming endeavor), and the weather is finally cool enough to debut my favorite tapestry print coat.

While I’m no professional fashion blogger, I do find the task of tracking down pieces that inspire me and putting them together in a creative way, is a challenge that really helps me maintain my sense of individuality as a woman in the corporate world. Sharing it on this particular platform further pushes me to excel at it.

All about print Tapestry Print hp 12c




In fact, every minute and every dollar I invest in this endeavor yields benefits in my quality of life; some immeasurable aspects like the high I get when I find something I’ve been searching for months, or the pride I feel when others appreciate the personal collection that reflects my inner artistic expression.  But more importantly your consistent and passionate investment in an appealing look can yield real $$ back in your pocket in the following ways:

1. You appear interesting and confident, and this makes you more approachable. At work, at a conference or in a networking event, people want to connect with you, allowing you to grow your business or your brand.

2. If you are active in  your network, the increased reach will equal = access to information. And THIS is where your world can open up.

This is what inspired me today, and this idea drives my passion for fashion.

On another note, the valuation class is focused on appraisal methods, and I spent the past days learning to master the functions of the HP 12C financial calculator required for the course. The HP 12C has not changed much since 1972, and according to my industry colleagues, its the one true timeless vintage piece that belongs on the desk of any serious real estate professional. Glad its mine now.


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